Biemme introduces the Garun Biomeccanico pad, a new and innovative product that will change the history of cycling. This pad is protected with a patent pending and is produced internally with the newest technologies in pad manufacturing. It’s customizable according to the physical and functional requirements as it is provided with 16 interchangeable silicone inserts (4 per area) with a variable thickness from 1mm to 4mm. These inserts, following a bike fitting or through a special saddle cover equipped with sensors, can be inserted or removed in correspondence with the ischial tuberosities and under perineal, in the case of inbalance between the right side and the left side. This will evenly divide the power between right and left and increase pedalling efficiency. The specific inserts added, adjusts the anatomical differences from right ischium to the left and vice versa. Thanks to the adjustement, it also provides a reduction of the scoliotic attitudes when sitting.